Klaus Schwab: Humanity must be “forced” to work together

Published 9 July 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Klaus Schwab gives a welcome speech at the conference in China.

World Economic Forum globalist frontman Klaus Schwab is in the news again after apparently advocating that people and countries should be “forced” to work together to “create a more peaceful, inclusive society and resilient future”.

Recently, the World Economic Forum organized the Annual Meeting of the New Champions conference in Dalian, China. Network partners who made the event possible included vaccine giants Pfizer and Astra Zeneca, investment firm BlackRock, Google and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dalian will increase the influence of the Forum with its openness and inclusiveness, amplify the spillover effect through economic and trade interactions, highlight the characteristics of the era with technological empowerment, promote green transformation by the means of energy conservation and carbon reduction, deepen cultural exchanges with culture as the medium, and reflect the quality of the city by providing meticulous services, the Chinese city’s mayor Chen Shaowang proudly declared.

Blames the accent

As usual, the founder of the World Economic Forum, transhumanist Klaus Schwab, gave a welcoming speech – but this one received unusual attention on social media, as the aging globalist seems to believe that the peoples and countries of the world must be forced to follow the agenda set by him and other leaders, without any popular input.

– To drive future economic growth, we must embrace innovation and force the collaboration across sectors, regions, nations and cultures to create a more peaceful, inclusive society and resilient future, Schwab is heard saying.

It is notable that, in retrospect, it was probably realized that the word “force” was not entirely uncontroversial and would lead to criticism – because when parts of Schwab’s speech were transcribed and posted on the WEF website, it was suddenly replaced by “foster”.

Some users try to defend Schwab by saying that he really meant to say “foster” all along, but due to his thick German accent and inability to pronounce certain English words, it became “force the”-an explanation dismissed as far-fetched by several people with German backgrounds.

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