EU pressures Elon Musk over “illegal” X content

Internet censorship

Published 13 October 2023
- By Editorial Staff
EU Commissioner Thierry Breton threatens Elon Musk with an investigation.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner in charge of the EU’s internal market, warns Elon Musk in a letter about the “opening of a preliminary investigation” into what is described as “indications of X/Twitter being used to disseminate illegal content & disinformation in the EU”.

Musk responds by asking the EU to list any suspected violations openly to the public.

Breton claims that disinformation has increased on X, formerly Twitter, following Hamas’s surprise attacks on Israel last Saturday.

In the letter, Elon Musk is required to respond within 24 hours and to contact relevant police authorities.

Following Hamas’s terrorist attacks on Israel, we have indications that X/Twitter is being used to spread illegal content and disinformation in the EU, Thierry Breton tells Elon Musk on X.

The content on X may violate EU rules, Breton points out, adding that “penalties can be imposed” if they are not complied with. Musk himself responds by expressing his wish for the EU to list any violations openly.

Our policy is that everything should be open-source and transparent, a strategy I know the EU supports. Please list the violations you’re referring to, so the public can see them, Elon Musk replied.


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