Tor launches anti-censorship web tunnel

Internet censorship

Published 30 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
"The development of different types of bridges are crucial for making Tor more resilient against censorship", the developers write.

The Tor anonymity project has released a new web tunnel that allows users to access online content that is censored or otherwise inaccessible in their region. WebTunnel works on computers and Android devices.

On March 12, The Tor Project developers announced the release of a new feature that allows users in censored countries to access all online content. The WebTunnel works by encrypting traffic so that it looks like an HTTPS connection, in other words, it gives the impression that the user is “just surfing the web”.

“In fact, WebTunnel is so similar to ordinary web traffic that it can coexist with a website on the same network endpoint, meaning the same domain, IP address, and port”, the site says.

To access the feature, you need the latest version of the Tor Browser on a computer or Android device. It is then enabled by clicking on “Advanced Settings” in the Tor Browser, then selecting “Web Tunnel” and “Get Bridges” from the menu. Then you have to solve a captcha, and then you can copy the bridge. For Android, go to the Tor Browser application and select the setting that configures a bridge. Then select “Show me a bridge I know”, click OK, and connect.

According to the developers, this feature is necessary because of the growing importance of defending Internet freedom.

“The development of different types of bridges are crucial for making Tor more resilient against censorship and stay ahead of adversaries in the highly dynamic and ever-changing censorship landscape. This is especially true as we’re going through the 2024 global election megacycle, the role of censorship circumvention tech becomes crucial in defending Internet Freedom”, they continue.

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