Swedish local politicians want to ban TikTok on municipal devices

Published 20 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
The bourgeois parties in Solna believe that TikTok is harmful to the municipality's students in several ways.

The bourgeois parties in Solna municipality want to block TikTok and other social media apps on all municipal devices. They point to security and privacy issues, but also to the fact that the frequent use of social media is detrimental to students’ education and classroom order.

Already last summer, the Liberals, Moderates and Christian Democrats in Solna submitted a joint motion to the municipal council to ban the use of the video app TikTok on all municipal devices. The motion was not approved, but the parties want to continue to pursue the issue.

“TikTok is owned by the Chinese state and is an insecure application that is unsuitable for both employees and students to use on Solna’s devices. Sensitive data about Solna’s students should not risk falling into the wrong hands”, the Liberals argue in a press release.

It is mainly devices used by students at Solna’s schools that have TikTok installed, something the bourgeois politicians think is very problematic in several ways.

“In addition to the important security and privacy issues, it highlights another important aspect of whether TikTok should be available on devices belonging to the city. Digital tools in schools should be there to support education and nothing else. The fact that TikTok, which is the dominant social media platform for children and young people, can now be downloaded on the devices provided for educational purposes is only counterproductive”, it adds.

“Direct disruptive effect”

It also points out that the use of TikTok and similar apps by pupils is potentially detrimental to “order in the classroom”, that “children’s focus is impaired by too much screen time” and that there is a “direct disruptive effect on the working environment”.

Therefore, a new proposal has been made to block TikTok on all Solna’s devices and prevent students and staff from downloading the app. It also wants other social media applications to be blocked in the same way.

– There is no reason for Solna students to have TikTok or other social media apps installed on their student devices. Rather, it steals the focus from the teaching and impairs the conditions for learning”, says Marcus Willershausen of the liberal party (Liberalerna), member of the school board and the person who initiated the proposal.

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