Spanish judge revokes Telegram blocking order

Published 26 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
This is because Telegram was allegedly used to distribute copyrighted material.

A Spanish court has decided to lift the ban on Telegram. The judge states that he wants a written report from the police before officially blocking the app.

On Friday, Judge Santiago Pedraz decided to temporarily ban the app for users in the country. This was because media companies had complained that the app was distributing copyrighted material, and the company behind Telegram had not responded to requests for information about the case.

Now, the same judge has decided to overturn the decision to ban the app, according to DW. Pedraz says that they want a report from the police first, and after that they can make a decision to officially shut down the app, but that Telegram will continue to operate as usual until then. The judge also decided to extend the investigation period of the criminal case by six months, until September 29.

The block was also strongly criticized by the consumer organization Facua, which said that the block will cause “enormous damage” to Telegram users.

– It is as if they shut down the internet because there are websites that illegally host content protected by copyright, said Ruben Sanchez, secretary general of Facua.

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