Reddit starts to pay users

Published 29 September 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Reddit has over 50 million daily active users.

The discussion forum Reddit is launching a new contribution program where users can be given the opportunity to earn money from their engagement on the site. Initially, the program only applies to US users.

The function is a kind of separate extension of Reddit Gold, where users can give Gold to each other to gain access to premium features on the forum, for example. That feature has also been improved by making it easier to give Gold to each other by long-pressing the up-vote icon (on mobile) or hovering over it (on desktop) within the post or comment they want to reward. There will also be more options with different prices, the site writes in a blog post.

In order for a user or moderator on Reddit to earn money through the contribution program, they must meet certain requirements. Your account must be in “good standing” and you must be at least 18 years old. Users must be approved by Reddit before they can access it.

The user needs to have enough Gold, purchased by other users, as well as karma points or upvotes, to earn money for their engagement on the site.

Currently, only users in the US will be able to take part in the program and it is unclear if or when other citizens from other countries will be able to participate.

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