“The world’s largest meeting ground is better and more vibrant than ever”

Internet censorship

Twitter is freer than ever under Elon Musk's leadership and its popularity speaks for itself - people love it! writes the signature Enlightener.

Published 3 July 2023
Twitter has become a great place to be, says the signatory Enlightener.
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The list of improvements on Twitter since Elon Musk took over is so long that it would be messy to even include it in an letter. There are far fewer bots and fake accounts. It’s freer and more open than ever, and the new user records speak for themselves – people love it!

At the same time, Community notes and other good measures have been introduced and much of the disinformation, spam and other things that tainted the old Twitter have been eliminated. I’m one of those people who never used Twitter before, but now spend many hours a week both personally and professionally on the platform, which works better than ever before.

Thousands of Dorsey’s Stasi employees who spent all hours of the day and night silencing people have been fired and the developers are now focusing on meaningful improvements and optimizations that make the platform – the world’s biggest square – a pleasant place to be.

As Musk himself has emphasized many times, it is worth many billions in losses to ensure freedom of expression and that everyone can gather on the world’s largest open meeting ground. Not that he needs the money, but the revenue will certainly increase with the enormous user base that is being built up – especially when the recession turns, which is the main reason why the shares have fallen somewhat and affected all advertising platforms in the same way.

You can’t help but smile at those (not least the big media houses) who try to come up with the most ridiculous excuses to trash Elon Musk and the fastest growing platform in the world and the obvious motive that they can’t take the fact that the woke staff has been fired and that people whose opinions they don’t tolerate for the first time in a long time are allowed to be heard in a worldwide forum.

Long live free speech!


The Enlightener

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