Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

French farmers protest against rising prices

The war on food supply

Published 26 January 2024
- By Editorial Staff
In the city of Toulouse, farmers dumped manure in front of the city hall in protest.

French farmers have launched a massive protest against national agricultural policies, including blocking roads across the country. The protest, which is part of a larger European movement in Germany and elsewhere, is growing in size and could become one of the most significant farmer protests ever.

Last week, nearly 400 tractors and 1,000 farmers protested in Toulouse against the French government’s agricultural policies, including increased taxes and fuel costs, which farmers say are unsustainable and are squeezing the sector. As part of the protest, roads were blocked and piles of manure were dumped in front of city buildings, symbolizing the farmers’ frustration and desperation.

By Tuesday, the protests had spread across the country, with tractors blocking roads in several cities, and the blockades will not be lifted until the government listens to the farmers.

– We won’t lift the roadblocks as long as the prime minister does not make very concrete announcements… The time of talking is over, action is needed, Arnaud Gaillot, president of the Young Farmers Union (Jeunes Agriculteurs), told Reuters.

The movement could grow

France is the EU’s biggest agricultural producer, producing everything from meat and dairy products to wine. France’s main agricultural union, the FNSEA, said it was considering expanding the protests across the country in the coming weeks and that the movement was now accelerating.

– Starting today, during the whole week and for as long as necessary, a certain number of actions will be organised, said Arnaud Rousseau, head of the FNSEA.

Farmers in Germany and the Netherlands have also protested against the removal of tax breaks on diesel and other cost increases that threaten agriculture. Gaillot says if the government doesn’t listen, this could be one of the biggest farmers’ movements ever.

– I think we could be on the eve of a big farmers’ movement if there are no answers. Our European neighbours, with whom we are in touch, are calling us, he says.

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