Czech farmers join protests

The war on food supply

Published 20 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
The situation of the farmers is described as "desperate".

Hundreds of tractors rolled into Prague on Monday as farmers protested against the EU’s “green” policies and the complicated and time-consuming bureaucracy surrounding agriculture.

Farmers in several EU countries have protested against the abolition of tax breaks on diesel, increased fuel costs and general EU environmental legislation by blocking major roads with tractors in Germany, France and Slovakia. Danish farmers also plan to join the protests.

Hundreds of tractors entered the Czech capital on Monday, blocking a main road in the city. The tractors did not completely block the road, but traffic was still able to pass. Several hundred people then gathered in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, shouting “shame” and “resignation” at those who work there.

– We came today mainly because of the bureaucracy around farming, the paperwork is on the edge of what is bearable, farmer Lukas Melichovsky told Reuters.

“Hopeless situation”

However, the country’s main agricultural organizations are distancing themselves from Monday’s protests, as some of the participants have previously taken part in pro-Russian demonstrations. On Thursday, however, the Agrarian Chamber (AK) plans to protest against EU environmental policies.

– Farmers are desperate in this hopeless situation and do not know what they should expect in the near future, let alone the distant one, AK President Jan Dolezal said last week.

On Thursday, farmers from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia will also protest.

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