Belgian farmers protest in Brussels

The war on food supply

Published 1 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Farmers blocked roads and parked in front of the European Parliament.

Farmer uprisings continue to spread across Europe. Belgian farmers have now initiated widespread roadblocks as part of their protest against rising operating costs, EU environmental legislation and plans to import cheaper food.

The demonstrations include a notable presence of parked tractors near the European Parliament in Brussels.

On Tuesday, five truck routes were blocked by farmers, allowing cars to pass. Tractors also blocked the North Sea port, the country’s second largest road, for at least 36 hours.

The Algemeen Boerensyndicaat (ABS) union also called on its members to join the protest.

– The farmers are desperate, really desperate. We’ve been warning the government for years that this would happen, Mark Wulfrancke, ABS policy officer, told Reuters.

Wulfrancke also argues that food prices need to reflect the increased costs European farmers face in meeting EU environmental standards.

– We want respect from our government, the European government. The only way to show that respect is to create policies that are farmer friendly, food friendly.

Parking at the EU Parliament

Also in the capital Brussels, farmers have decided to park their tractors in central parts of the city, including near the European Parliament. They plan to stay there until Thursday, when MEPs have agreed to meet with farmers’ unions. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has promised to discuss various agricultural laws with the European Commission.

– We are asking them to review their laws, said Nicolas Fryers, a farmer participating in the protest.

The protest is part of a growing movement within EU countries, with farmers from Germany, the Netherlands and France recently blocking roads. Spanish farmers have also said they plan to protest against the EU’s strict agricultural regulations.

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