President of El Salvador: “Who elected Soros to dictate public policy?”

Cultural revolution in the West

Published 29 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
President Nayib Bukele is no friend of George Soros.

During the US Conservative Political Action conference in Maryland, president Nayib Bukele attacked globalist and currency speculator George Soros, questioning his great influence on political decisions and laws.

– Why does he feel entitled to impose his agenda? the president asked.

– Who elected Soros to dictate public policy? he continued.

Bukele has long been a vocal critic of the notorious multi-billionaire, pointing out that Soros’ Open Society Foundation promotes a left-wing political agenda in El Salvador and that left-wing media outlets funded by Soros deliberately run smear campaigns against him.

– In all Latin American countries there are media and ‘journalists’ paid by Soros. In fact, they are not journalists, but political activists with a defined and perverse global agenda.

In the past, entrepreneur Elon Musk has made similar criticisms, accusing Soros of actively using his influence to influence the appointment of district attorneys in the United States, thereby exacerbating crime and otherwise pushing American politics and society in a destructive direction.

An oppressive elite

During the conference, Bukele also attacked the “global elites”, whom he described as an oppressive enemy with power over the media and politics, saying they were also to blame for the rise in crime, with many US cities becoming “places where crime and drugs are the daily norm”.

– How many young people have you lost on the streets of Philadelphia or San Francisco because of fentanyl? Can you imagine where we will be in 5, 10, 15 years?

Bukele himself has gained popularity in his country by cracking down on criminal gangs, and if US policymakers don’t act, he says, it may soon be too late.

“They hate our success”

He also called on the US to remove “corrupt judges and prosecutors”, noting that they used to be a major problem in El Salvador and had a habit of letting gang members go free.

– The global elite, they hate our success and they fear yours, he told the American audience.

– Institutes were created to serve the people – and not the other way around, he continued, adding that the “global elite” has been virtually defeated in El Salvador and that the country is now “the safest in the Western Hemisphere”.

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