‘Noble pedophilia’ highlighted on British state TV

Cultural revolution in the West

Published 31 August 2023
- By Editorial Staff
"Mouse" in the state channel's program.

“Ask the Mask” is a documentary series aired on the British public service broadcaster Channel 4, where anonymous interviewees don masks resembling animals to prevent identification.

Usually the interviewees are whistleblowers, ex-offenders or other anonymous witnesses to abuses and scandals they have experienced or know about, but the latest episode features a different interviewee: a “noble pedophile” – as he describes himself – who says he is sexually attracted to children as young as seven.

– Im a pedophile, but that does not make me into a molester, he says.

The pedophile, referred to in the program as “Mouse”, wears a mouse mask. He claims he has never molested a child – but it is something he often fantasizes about.

He also tells us that he has done volunteer work with children and also admits that he was attracted to the children he worked with.

– A ‘virteous’ pedohpile is someone who has a sexual atraction towards children but who has decided that that shouldnt mean that they should abuse a child.

“Mouse” goes on to say that he has had sexual relations with adults – but has fantasized about actually having sex with a child. He also claims that “there are adults who like this”.

Criticism of the program is widespread, and is mainly directed at the concept of portraying a “good pedophile” in line with a subversive effort to normalize the disorder as a phenomenon and sexual orientation.

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