Launching The Nordic Times – The Polaris of Enlightenment

Published 21 December 2022
- By Editorial Staff

A new(s) star has been born in the Northern Hemisphere as 2022’s winter solstice marks the birth of a Nordic international newspaper aiming to share Nordic culture, events and perspectives with the world.

As the Vikings set sail across the world’s seas and oceans more than a thousand years ago, they were venturing into unknown territory. Confronted by storms and extreme temperatures, and in danger of losing their way, there was something which always brought them back on course. By looking towards the Northern sky, they could always find the North Star, Polaris, and its steady light fixed in the heavens, pointing the way homeward.

The people of today face similar risks, although in different contexts. Every day we are overwhelmed with distractions and false visions that shatter all values, sap our strength, and lead us from the true path into error. This is the job of disinformation that is being diligently and tirelessly and ceaselessly carried out by the corporate mass media and the entertainment industry. As a result, many of us now find ourselves lost in the fog or blinded by bright lights.

Fortunately, there is now a new(s) star in the sky – a Polaris of enlightenment, helping you to navigate these difficult times.

The Nordic Times, or TNT, is the first completely independent international newspaper in English that is based in the Nordic countries. The lack of an independent voice from this region in the international arena has long been felt, but it was a vacuum that was left empty for many years. This is now no longer the case.

The Nordic countries are very unique in many ways. For example, some aspects of our social development are quite extreme. Thus, following events there both inspires and frightens the rest of the world.

Thanks to TNT, new perspectives, narratives, and ideas emerging from the Nordic world will at last have a platform for years to come.

TNT aims to share Nordic culture, events and perspectives with the rest of world and strengthen the world’s values – as well as our own region’s.

We welcome you as The Nordic Times sets sail on what promises to be a remarkable journey!

TNT is truly independent!

We don’t have a billionaire owner, and our unique reader-funded model keeps us free from political or corporate influence. This means we can fearlessly report the facts and shine a light on the misdeeds of those in power.

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