British parliamentary staff told to report ‘transphobic’ colleagues

Cultural revolution in the West

Published 18 May 2023
- By Editorial Staff
The Palace of Westminster - the seat of the British Parliament.

Staff in the UK Parliament have been told to register their colleagues’ opinions, identify ‘transphobic’ behavior and report those colleagues who display alleged “negative behaviours” towards ‘transgender people’.

The Telegraph has accessed a 15-page pamphlet distributed to hundreds of staff with administrative roles in the Parliament, which has reportedly been in use internally for the past three years. It states, among other things, that staff are asked to “learn to identify what transphobic behaviour looks like and understand that these must be met with an attitude of zero-tolerance”.

An example of ‘transphobic behavior’ highlighted is “another colleague refusing to use a trans person’s preferred pronouns or names”, adding that such behavior “should be dealt with in an appropriate manner”.

The guidelines also state that employees are free to choose which toilets and changing rooms to use – and that they should use what best “use the facilities that match your gender identity or that most closely align with it”.

“It is your choice and we will support you to access the toilets, showers and changing rooms that feel right for you at that time. It may be that you access both male and female facilities, which we support”, it says.

Biological men can use women’s toilets and changing rooms if they wish, despite the fact that gender-separated changing rooms have been a protected right in the country since 2010.

Furthermore, parliamentary staff are asked to ensure that “trans experiences are celebrated” and that “trans colleagues feel comfortable bringing their authentic self to work”.

It also states that “any negative behaviours” directed at transgender people “will not be tolerated” – and if any colleague exhibits such behavior, it should be reported immediately to Parliament’s HR or diversity department.

“We encourage you to report them immediately so they can be dealt with appropriately”, it reads.

Kate Harris, founder of the lobby group LGB Alliance, is highly critical of the guidelines, saying it is “completely unacceptable in a liberal democracy” to be “policing pronoun usage”.

“This guidance is an activist’s handbook for those who seek to do two things: to pretend that their cult beliefs are mainstream, and second to isolate and ostracise anyone who refuses to accept their ludicrous fantasies.”

A Parliament spokesperson suggests that the guidelines will soon be replaced by an updated version. However, it is not clear whether employees will continue to be encouraged to report dissenting colleagues.


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