Acting star expressed support for sabotage of ‘climate cameras’ – police responded with raids


Published 11 October 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Laurence Fox on his sofa during the raid. On the right as James Hathaway in 'Inspector Lewis'.

Last week, British police conducted a raid at the home of Laurence Fox – a star actor and leader of the anti-globalist party The Reclaim Party in the UK.

The police state the raid was due to his “conspiracy” to “commit criminal damage” by expressing sympathies for the so-called ULEZ movement, which has sabotaged surveillance cameras meant to maintain “climate zones” in London.

On Tuesday, Fox spoke on Maajid Nawaz’s podcast “Warrior Creed“, stating he would film himself attempting to take down a surveillance camera. He also generally encouraged the “mass removal of the surveillance state.”

I encourage them to tear down every (ULEZ) camera there is. I will be out there with my angle grinder,” commented Fox.

In an official statement, the police said they “arrested a 45-year-old man suspected of conspiring to commit criminal damage to ULEZ cameras and for encouraging or assisting in committing a crime”.

The Reclaim Party published a video of the raid, showing at least five police officers inspecting items in the house and closely monitoring Fox as he sits on the couch smoking.

This is the beginning of a surveillance state, and these gentlemen are the Stasi, he said, adding that he remains firm in his belief that the ULEZ cameras are a “total fraud”.

After being interrogated and released pending investigation, Fox has posted several social media posts, including criticizing the police for hunting down political dissidents.

Founded the party in 2020

Starring as Hunter Biden in the political satire My Son Hunter is the latest role in Laurence Fox’s over 20-year career in film and TV. To the broader audience, he may be best known for his role as Detective Inspector James Hathaway in the long-running series Inspector Lewis. Additionally, he is a musician and maintains a YouTube channel where he posts a selection of his works.

Since founding The Reclaim Party, politics has increasingly occupied the actor’s time. Fox established his party in 2020 with funding from British businessman Jeremy Hosking in response to the repressive COVID-19 policies enacted in England in 2020 and against what he calls “extreme political correctness.”

He ran in the 2021 London mayoral election, receiving 1.9 percent of the vote. Following his expulsion from the Conservative Party in May 2023, Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen joined The Reclaim Party, becoming its first member in the House of Commons.

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