Swedish history goes ‘multicultural’ in high-budget SVT series

Cultural revolution in the West

Published 5 June 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Images of Swedes in SVT's new series.

The first Swedes are portrayed by black Africans and people from the Middle East in Sweden’s tax-funded state TV channel SVT’s blockbuster “History of Sweden”. Critics accuse SVT of falsifying history and the ‘experts’ involved of spreading propaganda for ideological reasons.

Historien om Sverige (The history of Sweden) is not just any TV series, but SVT’s biggest ever historical venture, which has taken three years to produce and will be broadcast this fall. The taxpayer-funded channel boasts that “300 historians and experts have been involved” in the work on the series, which has been scored by Ludwig Göransson, who won an Oscar for the music in the Hollywood film “Black Panther”, which is very popular in black power circles.

The series will tell the story of Sweden from the Ice Age to modern times. The first clips released show that early Swedes are portrayed by people of African and Middle Eastern origin – rather than white Europeans of Nordic descent.

In the past, international film and television giants such as Disney and Netflix have been heavily criticized for actively allowing non-European actors to portray historical or cultural white characters. Many argue that SVT engages in exactly the same type of historical revisionism in order to erase Swedish history and culture.

“History falsification in full swing. The poison of cultural Marxism must be purged from our “universities”, which have become institutions of propaganda rather than serious institutions of learning”, Alternative for Sweden representative Jeff Ahl comments on Twitter.

As part of the mass media and political campaign for continued mass immigration to Sweden, it has become increasingly common in recent years to claim that Sweden has always been multi-ethnic and that the early Swedes did not in fact look anything like today’s light-skinned Swedes – but more like sub-Saharan Africans – an ‘educational campaign’ spearheaded by SVT itself.

While many are deeply critical of SVT’s portrayal of the early Swedes, others defend the decision, accusing critics of racism and arguing that we should trust the judgment of SVT’s team and that the early Swedes may well have been black.

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