Swedes can borrow seeds from local seed libraries

Published 3 April 2024
- By Editorial Staff
A "seed library" in the Swedish town of Leksand. "Låna fröer" means "borrow seeds" in Swedish.

In several parts of Sweden you can now borrow seeds from so-called seed libraries. These include Umeå, Leksand and Linköping.

The principle of a seed library is that you borrow seeds in the spring, grow them during the summer, and then return the summer-grown seeds in the fall. It is also possible to return seeds that you have grown yourself, even if you have not borrowed them. The seeds are collected and left in small envelopes with the species name and date. Often there are both flower and vegetable seeds.

In Leksand, for example, three new seed libraries have been opened: at the entrance to Leksand Cultural Centre, at Effersgården in Insjön and at Leksandsstolens Snickericafé in Siljansnäs. It was Leksands Trädgårdsförening, together with Leksands kulturväxter, that was one of the first associations in Sweden to lend out seeds.

– It was popular to borrow seeds, so we thought we would make it easier and spread the seeds a bit more. We realized that it would be good to have more small seed libraries in all parts of the municipality, Ewa Fogelström, president of the association, told local newspaper Siljan News.

In addition to Leksand, there are currently 13 other seed libraries around the country, according to Land.se – including in Linköping, Huddinge, Hofors and Enköping.

Seed libraries in Sweden

  • The library bus in Umeå
  • Tierp library
  • Sigtuna Foundation Library
  • Huddinge library
  • Värmdö library
  • Linköping library
  • Enköping library
  • Orust library
  • Hofors library
  • Kinda library
  • Trollhättan City Library
  • Värnamo library
  • Nybro library
  • Gotland, in three libraries: Burgsvik, Klinte and Almedalsbiblioteket.

Source: Land.se

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