Kristersson promises big investment in mass surveillance

Published 27 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Ulf Kristersson wants to see many more surveillance cameras around the country.

There are far too few surveillance cameras in Sweden, according to prime minister Ulf Kristersson. He therefore promises to “launch a major camera offensive” and expand the surveillance apparatus “all over the country”.

– In the run-up to the budget negotiations in the fall, we want to double the number of cameras for the police and expand them all over the country, he announced during a speech in Almedalen.

Kristersson dismisses critics who argue that the measures are too far-reaching and invasive, saying that “nothing is more invasive than being the victim of a serious crime”.

That’s why he and his government also want to change the law to make it easier for Swedish regions and municipalities to install surveillance cameras without special permission.

New York – the model

The police’s “camera target” will also be doubled – from 2,500 to 5,000 new cameras around the country. In addition, the police will have easier access than today to cameras owned by government agencies, businesses and public transportation.

Kristersson’s main source of inspiration is New York, one of the most camera-surveillance-rich cities in the Western world, where the police make extensive use of various forms of surveillance cameras in their daily work.

– When murders go unsolved and witnesses are afraid to testify, the cameras will make life safer for ordinary people, the Swedish prime minister promises.

Gunnar Strömmer, Minister of Justice, says that the “preventive effect” of surveillance cameras must be emphasized, stressing that fewer crimes are committed where there are cameras.

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