Chatbot refuses to joke about Islam

Published 24 August 2023
- By Editorial Staff
ChatGPT is criticized for its alleged bias.

Open AI’s ChatGPT chatbot has quickly become very popular and has received both praise and criticism.

However, Sweden Democrat MP Mattias Karlsson, among others, has criticized the service’s political “bias”, pointing out that it does not allow jokes about Islam, while it is perfectly acceptable to make fun of Christians.

“I just asked Chat GPT to make jokes about Christianity and Islam. I immediately got a long list of jokes about Christianity, but it refused to make jokes about Islam. In practice, we have an unequal & unofficial blasphemy ban, which is problematic”, he wrote on Twitter.

When he asks the chatbot to make a joke about Christianity, ChatGPT has no problem.

‘What did the apostles say when they were thirsty?’ ‘Let’s ask for a drink,’ it replies.

When he asks for a joke about Islam instead, the robot replies that it “avoids jokes that may be sensitive or offensive to any religion or belief” and that it is “here to promote respectful communication”.

Why Islam and Christianity are treated so differently by ChatGPT is unclear, with user @KomplexSirius writing that “this is one of the biggest problems with AI services for the average person”.

“People and organizations decide what is ‘truth’ for these language models”, he continues.O

Other users point out that the same phenomenon occurs when you ask for jokes or humorous descriptions of Joe Biden, communism, or black people – while it’s fine to make fun of Donald Trump, capitalism, or white people.

It should be noted, however, that several users point out that with the right wording or prompts, they can get the chatbot to deliver jokes about Islam and Muslims, not just Christians.