Polish farmers block the road to Germany

The war on food supply

Published 28 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Farmers in Poland have full stocks but cannot sell their produce.

On Sunday, farmers from Poland blocked a major highway bordering Germany in protest against, among other things, the “uncontrolled” import of Ukrainian grain, which they say creates unfair competition.

On Sunday, Polish farmers started a tractor blockade on the highway bordering Germany. The farmers continue to protest the EU’s “Green Deal” regulation, which they say will make products more expensive and create unfair competition from non-EU countries.

– We farmers from Poland are here because we are no longer accepting the EU Green Deal regulation, farmer Christopher Janicki told AFP. We also do not accept the uncontrolled import of grain from outside of the EU.

The main problem for Polish farmers is the import of cheap grain from Ukraine, where exports have been suspended due to the ongoing war.

– Farmers in Poland have their warehouses full and cannot get rid of their goods, he says.

For several weeks, farmers across Europe have been blocking roads with tractors in protest at strict EU environmental rules and competition from cheap imports from other countries. The protests, which began in Germany, have spread to France, Belgium, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

On Monday, they continued to block both lanes of the highway, but reportedly ended during the day. A 25-day blockade was originally planned, but was shortened after talks with local representatives and companies.