The war on children: Liberal elites’ child sexualization agenda exposed in documentary

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Published 25 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
A number of conservative profiles have described the documentary as the most important one at the moment.

The documentary War on Children examines the elaborate plans of the liberal elite to manipulate and sexualize children – and thereby control future generations.

– All Americans must open their eyes to the evils of our children so that we can take the necessary steps to solve the problems, proclaims republican senator Rand Paul.

The documentary was created by director and republican Robby Starbuck and his wife Landon. The message is that there is a targeted war on children, subjecting them to various destructive liberal-leftist ideas and manipulations, and that those who promote and attempt to normalize these practices know full well that children are being harmed by them.

According to it’s creators, the documentary “exposes the WAR that’s being waged on children today through gender ideology, ESG, CRT, sexualization of entertainment, sex trafficking, online exploitation, TikTok, Big Pharma and more”.

“Until now, only parts of this war have been revealed, but this groundbreaking documentary puts all the pieces of the puzzle together to reveal the full battle plan the left is using to control the future. To win this war, you must understand the tactics your enemy is using to defeat you. Then it’s time to go on the offensive. Are you ready to become the warrior the children need, or will you let the global elite control the future and turn our children into their soldiers?”, the documentary’s presentation continues.

“Soul searing”

Whistleblowers, child genital mutilation victims, trafficking victims, business leaders exposing the agenda to sexualize children, politicians, social media profiles, “drag queens” and voices from the porn industry are featured in the documentary, which has been endorsed by entrepreneur Elon Musk and senator Rand Paul, among others.

– The war on children is soul searing and often hard to watch. But all Americans need to open their eyes to the evils our kids face so we can take the steps needed to fix it, says senator Rand Paul.

– As a dad there is not a more important film for parents and grand parents to watch right now. You need to know who is after your kids and why. This film connects allthe dots and every parent needs to see it, says Donald Trump Jr.

The documentary premiered on X in early February, and its creator thanks owner Elon Musk for allowing “creators to create without censorship”.

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