Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Washington insider: “Congressmen blackmailed after sex parties”

Published 31 January 2024
- By Editorial Staff
According to Titus Warren, politicians' sex parties are a very badly kept secret.

A Capitol Hill intern was secretly recorded telling the O’Keefe Media Group how members of Congress are blackmailed into voting a certain way after having affairs and sex parties.Despite working for Republicans, he also adds that he “loves” Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi and that Donald Trump “needs to die”.

Democrat Titus Warren works for Republicans in Congress, but his employer does not seem to care about his political views or the risk that he might reveal details about them to the opposing side.

Warren admits that he keeps some details to himself, but that he is sure his boss knows his political views because he has a photo of Nancy Peolosi on his desk. He also talks about how he “loves” left-liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi and how he thinks Donald Trump “needs to die”.

Every time I see her, or we run into each other, you know, sometimes I’ll even go into her office, then I’ll just go in her candy bowl, Titus explains, before confirming that Pelosi knows him and “loves” him as much as he “loves” her.

Titus also boasts that he gets to visit “a lot of embassies and a lot of events at the White House” and that he loves President Joe Biden and doesn’t care much for Republican voters.

“Leverage” and hungover politicians

He goes on to describe how members of both political parties are forced to vote a certain way through a so-called “voting proposal”.

But these so-called suggestions aren’t suggestions at all; they are much more nefarious ways of blackmailing members of Congress who have engaged in affairs on their spouses or downright sex parties with other members, O’Keefe notes.

There’s a lot of things that I see with my own eyes, says Titus Warren, explaining that it’s common for staffers and members of Congress to have sex and even affairs with each other during “hot and heavy” parties. It happens a lot more than people think… A majority of members that come late are 9/10 times hungover from the [sex parties] the night before, he continues, adding that this type of event is considered “normal” in these circles.

Titus Warren with Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy. Montage. Photo: Private

The sex parties, which he believed to be fictitious before he began practicing in Congress, are then used to gain influence and leverage over members of Congress and officials, pressuring them to vote a certain way or support proposals they would not otherwise support. In addition, the leverage can be used to advance one’s own career.

– If you were ever running for office and you were where I am, you’d use it as leverage to win your campaign, Warren explains.

“Latent threat”

Republican Madison Cawthorn, a former House member, also testified that he was invited to a “sexual get-together” or “orgy” at the home of a member of the Washington elite. He also said that US officials often took cocaine in front of him, which caused an uproar and led to Cawthorn’s ouster from Congress in the next election.

When he hears Warren’s story, he is not surprised and says he recognizes much of what he has been told.

– Especially the blackmail piece that it seemed like this individual was talking about in this piece, that’s something that I experienced firsthand. It’s kind of a latent threat. It’s kind of just an understood thing in Washington. It’s not something that’s ever really said to you, but it’s well known that people can always have leverage points on you.

People only want to put you in compromising situations so that they can have leverage over you so they can control your vote, Cawthorn continued.

According to Titus Warren, the media does not know about the extortion system, or “they’re not allowed to run these stories“. He also says he doesn’t feel guilty about what he sees in Congress, or that he’s a “secret” Democrat working in the Republican office.

– I get my check and everything is fine.

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