Vladimir Putin re-elected Russian President

Published 19 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Vladimir Putin's election victory allows him to begin his fifth term as president of Russia.

In a historic election victory, President Vladimir Putin won with nearly 90% of the vote, declaring that “together with the Russian people” he would build a “strong, independent and sovereign Russia”.

In the West and in Ukraine, however, the election results were not greeted with joy, but with accusations of fraud and irregularities, with the White House and others rejecting the results as illegitimate.

With a victory of over 87% of the vote and a record-breaking turnout of over 74%, Vladimir Putin has once again secured his position for a new term in office – even though the votes have yet to be fully counted.

Putin reminded the audience of the dramatic situation in the country and “the need to defend the interests of citizens to ensure Russia’s sovereign and secure development”.

– I have dreamed of a strong, independent and sovereign Russia, and I hope that (the election results) will allow all of us to achieve these goals together with the Russian people.

Putin stressed the importance of unity among the Russian people, noting that when they are united, “no one can intimidate or oppress them, and no one has ever succeeded in doing so”.

Criticism from the West and Kiev

Reactions and condemnations from the US and EU were, not surprisingly, swift. The White House commented that “the election was neither free nor fair” and highlighted Putin’s “jailing of the opposition and preventing other candidates from running against him”, according to Reuters.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, ironically congratulated Putin on his victory, pointing out the flaws in the election and questioning the existence of a real opposition. It is worth noting that the post of President of the European Council, like the majority of senior positions in the EU, is not an elected position, but is decided by internal decisions.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi has commented on the Russian elections, writing that “the Russian dictator is simulating another election” and that Putin “is tired of power and is doing everything to rule forever.

Zelenskyi’s statements and criticism come despite the fact that he himself canceled the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Zelenskyi justified his decision by saying that it would be “unfair to hold elections during an ongoing war with Russia”.

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