Trump: Facebook an “enemy of the people”

Published 14 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Donald Trump has a very negative view of both TikTok and Facebook.

Donald Trump confirms that he sees Chinese TikTok as a national security threat – but that he is even more hostile to Facebook, which he considers a direct “enemy of the people”.

The US Congress wants to ban TikTok, citing the media app’s alleged links to the Communist Party of China. However, presidential candidate Donald Trump does not support a ban at this time – although he also believes that TikTok should be considered a “national security threat”.

– I do believe it, and we have to very much admit we are protecting American people’s privacy and data rights.

Trump pointed out that he could have banned TikTok during his time as president, but instead chose to let Congress decide the issue.

– But as you know, I was at the point where I could have gotten it done if I wanted to. I should have said, you guys decide, you make that decision, because there are a lot of people who talk that love it (the TikTok app).

“Bad for the US”

However, his reason for opposing a ban today is that it risks increasing the dominance and growth of competitor Facebook – and Facebook is even more dangerous than TikTok, according to Trump.

– I consider Facebook to be an enemy of the people along with a lot of the media.

– I think Facebook has been very bad for our country, especially when it comes to elections, he continued, insinuating that Mark Zuckerberg had acted corruptly and potentially criminally in connection with the election, and that he is surprised that Facebook’s founder and principal owner has not been sentenced to prison.

Parent company Meta Platform’s shares fell by almost four percent on Monday, following Trump’s statements.

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