Trudeau called out for totalitarian policies in humorous skit

Published 29 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Damon Imani says Trudeau is a totalitarian hypocrite.

In a mock press conference, political commentator and satirist Damon Imani takes a swipe at Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

– You paint people who protest against your government and your policies as violent extremists. You freeze their bank accounts, Imani thundered.

Under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, Canada has become one of the most totalitarian countries in the Western world, including the imposition of martial law to stop peaceful demonstrators protesting the government’s coronavirus shutdown and crackdown.

Some “driving” protesters have also had their bank accounts and assets frozen, and in various contexts over the past few years, Trudeau has shown that he and his government intend to crack down very hard on dissidents and dissenters. It was also recently announced that the penalties for “hate” on the Internet will be increased, and it is hoped that some particularly “hateful” speech could lead to life imprisonment.

One person who has drawn attention to Canada’s move toward a totalitarian society is satirist and political commentator Damon Imani, who chose to highlight Trudeau’s actions in a skit designed as a press conference.

“Calling Criticism Hate Speech”

– I will say that in every democracy around the world, we are seeing, um, rising movements of skepticism about democracy itself. Citizens cannot take their democracies for granted, and that means standing for democracy against authoritarianism in favor of the peace and prosperity that ensures a better future for everyone, Trudeau begins, a statement taken from an actual press conference.

I’m sorry, but I am not sure what democracy you are talking about since you are so worried that people are so skeptic about it. Because as far as reality is  concerned, your government and many other ‘democratic governments’ are controling the flow of information about what their citizens can and cannot know about, countered Imani, who “interrupted” the press conference.

– You are expanding government regulation of online speech. You frame people protesting your government and your mandates as ‘violent extremists’. You froze their bank accounts. Basically you call virtually all criticism of you hate and hate speech. None of this is democracy. It’s authoritarianism 101. So again, I’m not sure what the fuck you are talking about, he continued.

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