Saudi Arabia urges citizens to leave Lebanon

Published 1 July 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Lebanon's capital Beirut.

The Saudi Embassy in Lebanon, citing recent developments in the country, advises all citizens not to travel there and those already there to leave immediately.

According to Lebanon’s Minister of Internal Displacement, Issam Sharaf al-Din, “the war is breaking out, but the tension is limited to southern Lebanon”.

He says the Saudis are bringing their citizens home as a kind of preemptive measure “out of fear of retaliation rather than fear of bombings or a full-scale war”. Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Kuwait, among others, have already called on their citizens to leave Lebanon.

According to al-Din, the responsibility for ending the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel lies primarily with the Israeli side.

– [Hezbollah] set a condition for stopping the war in southern Lebanon, which is that the attacks on Gaza must end. The issue does not depend on us, as the Lebanese government, but on the parties to the conflict, which is mainly Israel that continues the war.

Since October 7 last year, Shiite militias supporting the Palestinians have fired a huge number of rockets and missiles into Israel, and Hamas and Israel have responded with thousands of attacks of their own. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Lebanese and Israelis have been forced to leave their homes because of the constant bombing.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah is often accused by Israel and the United States of carrying out its attacks on behalf of Iran, and analysts fear that a war in Lebanon could very quickly lead to a wider regional conflict.

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