Russia wants to ban “extremist childlessness ideology”

Published 2 July 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Russian officials are very concerned about population growth.

Russian lawmakers have prepared a bill that would make it illegal to actively promote and popularize voluntary childlessness in the country.

Deputy Justice Minister Vsevolod Vukulov says the promotion of childlessness is an “extremist ideology” and that it is of the utmost importance to fight it.

We are now actively preparing bills to prevent the spread of child-free ideology. One should not be able to promote ideas that “nowadays girls, especially young ones, do not need to give birth, they can do without children”, he added during a conference in St. Petersburg, according to Russia’s RT.

According to Vukolov, a completely new legislative system is needed to counter this kind of negative social trend in Russia and other countries that share the same “traditional values”.

– These laws must be worked out and promoted. And they must become the tools to protect our values. This is the main task.

He also confirmed that a bill banning the promotion of a childless lifestyle has already been submitted to the parliament and will be analyzed by experts before more concrete proposals are made.

Vukolov stresses that the state should not only act through bans, but also focus on creating social conditions that encourage couples to have children.

Banning the LGBT movement

It is worth noting that last year the Russian Supreme Court banned what it calls the “international LGBT movement” – and began classifying it as a destructive extremist organization. It has also passed laws banning so-called “sex change operations”.

Russian statistics show that only 1.264 million children were born in the country in 2023 – the lowest number since 1999. It is estimated that the birth rate will continue to fall until 2028, and by 2046, Russia’s population is expected to fall to 138 million from about 146 million today.

President Vladimir Putin is also concerned about demographic trends and has declared that “a large family with many children should become the norm, the philosophy of social life, the guideline of the entire strategy of the state”.

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