Orbán: “Trump won’t give Ukraine a penny”

The war in Ukraine

Published 13 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Orbán seems to like Donald Trump and vice versa.

Trump will not give money to the Ukrainian military if he becomes president again, says Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Instead, Trump will have a “detailed plan” to end the war.

On Friday, Donald Trump and Orbán met in the state of Florida. According to the Hungarian president, Trump “will not give a penny” to Ukraine if he is elected.

– Therefore, the war will end, because it is obvious that Ukraine can not stand on its own feet, he told Hungarian state media.

According to Orbán, Trump has a detailed plan to stop the war, calling the ex-president “a man of peace” and noting that during his previous presidency there was peace in the Middle East and Ukraine.

– If the Americans don’t give money and weapons, along with the Europeans, the war is over. And if the Americans don’t give money, the Europeans alone can’t finance this war. And then the war is over, he adds.

“Great leader”

Hungary has not sent weapons, equipment or money to Ukraine, unlike the United States and several other countries.

At the meeting in Florida, Trump also praised the Hungarian president, calling him a “great leader”.

– There’s nobody that’s better, smarter or a better leader than Viktor Orban. He’s fantastic…He’s a non-controversial figure because he says, ‘This is the way it’s going to be,’ and that’s the end of it, he said after the meeting.

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