Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Lawyer: “We incentivized murdering patients in hospitals”

The adverse effects of corona policy

Published 5 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Tom Renz claims that the interests of those responsible were more about money than protecting patients.

During an Ohio State Senate hearing, attorney Tom Renz argued that the US covid-19 policy effectively providing financial incentives for US hospitals to let their patients die of covid-19 rather than make them better.

The hearing at the end of May concerned a bill (HB73) that would allow health care providers and pharmacies to give their patients drugs for diseases that the drug was not originally intended to cure – for example, Ivermectin, which is basically an anti-parasitic drug, but which was also used during the coronavirus crisis to treat covid-19 patients.

Renz is highly critical of the way the pharmaceutical industry and federal health authorities acted during the crisis, going so far as to claim that they gave hospitals “incentives” to let patients die – rather than actually cure them.

We incentivized MURDERING patients in hospitals. If you go to the hospital and you get a positive COVID test, then the hospital gets more money. If you get put on remdesivir, the hospital gets more money. If you get put on a vent, the hospital gets more money. Instead of saying, ‘You get more money when this patient’s healthy,’ we said, ‘You get more money when they die’, testified lawyer Tom Renz.

“It was about money”

According to Renz, hospitals received more money from the government for each patient who tested positive for covid-19. They also received additional money for treating covid-infected patients, and even more if the virus was listed as the cause of death – which, according to the lawyer, amounted to a form of encouragement to let patients die from the virus.

– What we did, we actually incentivized murdering patients in hospitals, he stated.

At the same time, Renz explained that there was a witch hunt against doctors who advocated or tested alternative treatments for covid-19, and that in many cases they were stripped of their licenses and permits to treat patients.

– We dealt with protecting doctors from nonsensical attacks on their licenses around the country by medical boards whose board members were parcitcing doctors and nurses who made tons of money off the existing covid protocols. What they did demonstrated that their interests were more about money than it was about protecting patients, in my opinion.

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