Joe Biden’s mental health questioned in report

US presidential election

Published 13 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Over the past few years, Biden has drawn attention to himself for a large number of confusing statements.

A recent report from the Department of Justice casts doubt on President Joe Biden’s mental health and age.

The assessments of his cognitive abilities and memory have immediately sparked an intense debate, with many skeptical of his ability to lead the country.

Joe Biden, 81, is described in the report, led by special counsel Robert K. Hur, as an “elderly man with poor memory” and “impaired skills”. The report’s descriptions have sparked concern and criticism from political commentators and Republican opponents.

Former Obama adviser and current CNN analyst David Axelrod has long been critical of Biden’s age and mental capacity. He says the president’s anger during the recent press conference only reinforces the idea that he is too old for the job.

Team Obama?

Axelrod emphasizes that age and mental health are significant obstacles to Joe Biden’s ability to serve, and that this problem may be exacerbated by the recent press conference.

He points out that this is a key issue affecting voters’ perceptions of the president and is also related to the current political situation, including all the crises currently taking place in the world.

In more informed circles as well as at the grassroots level, there are also thoughts that what is happening is a tactic to remove Joe Biden in connection with the election and instead maneuver “Team Obama” back into the White House.

Many Republicans have been quick to respond to the report, questioning Biden’s fitness for office. At the same time, there are critics who question the basis of the report. They argue that the assessment is not based on scientific methods, nor does it reflect the standards used to evaluate cognitive ability.

Discussions about Joe Biden’s mental health are likely to be a recurring feature of US political debate in the future, and it remains to be seen how the unwanted attention will affect his chances of re-election.

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