It’s getting old: Biden confused at G7 meeting

Published 15 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Once again, Biden did not seem to understand what was going on.

During a meeting with G7 leaders, Joe Biden showed further signs of confusion and deteriorating mental health when he suddenly wandered off and started focusing on something completely different from the other leaders.

Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni was forced to go and fetch the president, who critics have long said is cognitively incapable of continuing to govern the United States.

For years, observers have worried that Joe Biden’s mental health is failing and that he is showing signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia. He often seems to forget important names and connections, as well as what has just happened or where he is.

Recently, the president’s confusion seems to have worsened further, with clips circulating on social media of Biden forgetting that he just shook someone’s hand – and then shaking it again, suddenly “freezing” and staring into space, or otherwise appearing extremely confused.

During a meeting of the G7 leaders, it happened again. The US President is seen walking away from the rest of the world leaders during a display, seemingly focused on something else entirely – before Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni decides to bring Biden back to save the day.

This is sad

Many on social media are concerned that one of the most powerful men in the world, at least on paper, increasingly doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, with users pointing out the absurdity of “world leaders literally having to babysit him.”

“This is sad. I’m no Biden supporter, but this is sad”, wrote one American on X.

“It looks like they all know and are covering for him. ‘Oh there he goes again, let’s move over to make it look like we’re all moving over'”, commented another.

“IF we were connected as a country, which we’re definitely not, both parties would agree that this president needs to be removed as our leader. This is very embarrassing to our country and to his family. Anyone with elderly grandparents, can easily relate to what’s happening here”, writes a third.

Many Americans seem to agree that no matter where you stand politically, Biden is showing more and more signs that he is no longer capable of leading a country, and that it is both sad and downright embarrassing to watch his increasingly irrational behavior. Even the American press and political opponents have publicly questioned the president’s mental health – criticism that Biden has dismissed and often met with anger.

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