Epstein’s victims: “He was monitoring everyone”

The Epstein case

Published 24 February 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had a very strong need for control.

In a lawsuit recently filed in federal court in Manhattan, two of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims say the sex offender used a sophisticated surveillance system to spy on both “guests” and victims.

Among other things, the women point out that Epstein had a special control room with cameras in his luxury New York residence that served as a “panopticon” – a kind of circular prison with cells arranged around a central circular building from which the cells could be observed at all times.

In Epstein’s case, digital surveillance is said to have been the main focus. It describes how the pedophile not only hired people to keep an eye on his victims, but also provided them with transportation and communication devices, citing their safety and convenience – but in reality, the devices were used to track and map them.

The two plaintiffs say the pedophile and his circle of accomplices collected compromising information about the women involved in the sex trafficking network to ensure they never told outsiders about the operation.

“The Epstein Enterprise would not have existed for the duration it did and at its scope and scale, without the collaboration and support of others”, the lawsuit states.

Threats and money

In addition, the women were allegedly subjected to intimidating threats, but also received money in exchange for their silence – significant sums that were allegedly distributed after the abuse was committed or in connection with recruiting more women and girls to Epstein.

At the heart of the lawsuit are allegations against Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, described as two of Epstein’s most trusted associates. The two men, who have repeatedly denied wrongdoing in connection with Epstein’s criminal activities, are accused of being “indispensable participants” in what the plaintiffs describe as a “cult-like” trafficking operation that spanned more than a decade.

“Knowing that they would earn millions of dollars in exchange for facilitating Epstein’s sex abuse and trafficking, Indyke and Kahn chose money and power over following the law”, the suit says.

“No one, except perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell, was as essential and central to Epstein’s operation as these Defendants”, it continues.

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