Epstein’s secret subpoena document released

The Epstein case

Published 5 January 2024
- By Editorial Staff

The subpoenaed documents related to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have now been made public. The previously classified documents mention Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson, among others.

Last December, Federal Judge Loretta A. Preska decided to unseal the subpoenaed documents against Jeffrey Epstein. The documents contain the names of hundreds of people, including sexual abuse victims, witnesses, Epstein’s associates, and people with more peripheral connections to the case. Individuals named in the documents had until January 1 to file an appeal, and at least one woman has done so, arguing that her safety would be threatened if her name became known.

Overnight on Thursday, some of the previously classified documents were made public.

The documents now released consist largely of public material containing information that was previously known and published, including newspaper articles, television documentaries and media interviews.

One of the documents includes the testimony of Swedish woman Johanna Sjöberg regarding her allegations against Epstein, reports The Guardian. Sjöberg mentions Bill Clinton, who has previously been mentioned in connection with the pedophile. Sjöberg testifies that Epstein described Clinton as someone who liked young girls, but that he did not accuse him of anything. Sjöberg also accused Prince Andrew of jokingly touching her breasts. Prince Andrew has previously been accused of rape in connection with his relationship with the pedophile, for which he later paid millions in a settlement to avoid a trial. Donald Trump, who was previously linked to the pedophile, is also mentioned in the documents, but is not accused of anything. Sjöberg also testifies that pop star Michael Jackson was at Epstein’s house, but does not accuse him of anything.

More subpoenaed documents are expected to be released in the coming days, though a number of names remain confidential to protect victims.

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