Democrats despair over incoherent Biden

US presidential election

Published 28 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Many in the party are increasingly doubtful that Biden will remain the party's nominee.

Many Democrats are expressing despair and frustration over Joe Biden’s performance in last night’s presidential debate.

“Biden appeared onstage with a soft, halting voice and an open-mouthed, staring look”, reported the left-liberal CNN, and many of his own supporters say he made a “disjointed” impression.

Biden’s performance was described as so sub-par that more and more party colleagues began to question whether the 81-year-old should remain the party’s nominee.

Within minutes, it was clear that the president was not at his best, with one former Biden administration official saying, “Biden looks and sounds terrible. He’s incoherent”.

– Horrific, commented another party colleague, a third who worked on the campaign said “We are f***ed”, and a fourth called the performance “painful”.

– It’s hard to argue that Biden should be our nominee, said one operative who has worked on Democratic campaigns for more than a decade.

“Weakest since Kennedy and Nixon”

The Democratic National Convention, where the party’s presidential candidate will be formally nominated, does not take place until August 19. However, it is considered extremely unlikely that anyone other than the incumbent president himself will be nominated, and no serious Democratic figure has made any effort to challenge Biden.

“Objectively, Biden produced the weakest performance since John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon started the tradition of televised debates in 1960 — then, as on Thursday, in a television studio with no audience”, says CNN’s Stephen Collinson.


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