Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Acclaimed author: “The Great Replacement of peoples is a fact”

Population replacement in the West

Published 7 December 2022
- By Editorial Staff
Michel Houllebecq believes a civil war is inevitable.

The influential French writer Michel Houllebecq notes that the “Great Replacement of peoples” is a fact, not a conspiracy theory, and that “Europe will be swept away” by the mass immigration policies that are currently being practiced.

Houellebecq, hailed as “France’s greatest living writer” for his observations on and insights into modern society, took part in a lengthy conversation with the philosopher and writer Michel Onfray at the end of November. They discussed such issues as migration policy, demography, the European Union, and other topics.

“The Great Replacement of peoples – I was shocked to learn that this is called a theory,” the author declared. “It’s not a theory, it’s a fact . . . When it comes to immigration, nobody is controlling anything; that’s the whole problem. Europe will be swept away by this disaster.”

He was echoed in this by Michel Onfray, who noted that this is what the statistics indicate: the West’s demographic, cultural, economic, and spiritual demise is inevitable given the migration policies that are currently in place.

Houllebecq went on to argue that although France is not unique in this development among other European countries, the French still have “an exceptionally high awareness of their own decline.”

Onfray and Houllebecq agreed that increasing transhumanism, Americanism, demographic replacement, the European Union’s bureaucracy, de-Christianization, and environmental degradation are to be expected in the future, although they expressed different views regarding the future of Islam in Europe. Where Houllebecq stated his belief that Islam poses a major threat to France, Onfray argued that political Islam “is not a powerful phenomenon,” but “rather a reaction to American power.” Onfray further stated that Muslims will quickly lose their religious beliefs to consumerism and materialism, as has already happened in many other cultures.

Houllebecq, for his part, reiterated his conviction that France and Europe have nasty problems ahead of them “when whole territories will come under Islamist control.” He further claimed that there will be attacks on mosques in response to this, and that ethnic conflicts in France may become so serious that the native French will begin to arm themselves.

“You think civil war is coming? I think it’s already here – it’s just kept quiet,” Onfray commented.

The Great Replacement is the thesis that those in power in Western countries are systematically pursuing a policy of gradual replacement of the population by people of non-European origin.

The mainstream media generally regard this as a conspiracy theory, though often with the exception of many cases where the decline in the white population is openly celebrated.

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