Villa blown up in new suspected gang attack

Deteriorating safety

Published 6 October 2023
- By Editorial Staff
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What appears to be another attack by organized gangs in Sweden struck Stentorp, north of Stockholm, this morning. At seven o’clock this morning, the year’s 132nd bombing occurred when a villa in the residential area was blown up.

Residents of the Stentorp area near Upplands Bro in Stockholm were awakened at seven o’clock on Thursday morning by a very loud blast that was also heard over large parts of northwest Stockholm.

Police and emergency services were quickly on the scene and could grimly ascertain that the nation had been struck by another bombing – the 132nd in order. Police initially reported that there seemed to be no one in the house at the time of the detonation. There is currently no information about potential personal injuries, but the house is reported to be destroyed.

– It’s essentially blown away. We suspect a crime. We have initiated a preliminary investigation into gross public endangerment, says Daniel Wikdahl to Samnytt.

According to statements, the Facebook initiative Brottsplats Stockholm (Crime scene Stockholm) has been in contact with relatives in connection with the detonation. According to the information obtained, the mother in the household has reportedly tried to obtain protection from the police on at least three occasions over a longer period but says she has been denied this. The reason is said to be that the police authority did not see reasons for this, even though one of her sons, according to media reports, has clear ties to the Foxtrot network.

Whether it is the same perpetrator suspected of involvement in the so-called Skogås murder in January this year, where a mere 15-year-old boy was cold-bloodedly shot dead inside a sushi restaurant, the police are not divulging. However, a 26-year-old is registered at the current address. He is sought by police but is currently believed to be abroad. Whether this 26-year-old is the same as the son is unclear at the time of writing.

A preliminary investigation into gross public endangerment and violation of the law on flammable and explosive goods has been initiated. No one has been arrested at this time.

The escalating severe violence and organized gang crime in Sweden is increasingly being noticed abroad, where, for example, the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera broadcasted an extensive report about the situation in Sweden last week.

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