Thursday, June 20, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Swedish EU candidates: “Introduce EU laws against LGBTQ hate”

The LGBT lobby

Published 24 May 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Chairman of the Open Moderates Tobias Björck and the LGBTQ-association during the Pride Festival.

The Swedish Moderate Party’s (Moderaterna) LGBTQ association, Open Moderates, is putting five names on the election list in the upcoming European elections.

They are campaigning to make “hate crimes against LGBTQ people a common EU crime” and are demanding that all member states commit to becoming “safe free zones” for sexual minorities.

Open Moderates argue, among other things, that “populist and extreme parties” are “on the rise” and want to “strike at the rights of LGBT people” – and that this is why it is necessary to “ensure that there is continued broad support in the European Parliament for LGBT issues”.

The EU must put pressure on member states that drag their feet. Making hate crimes against LGBT people a common EU crime is an important step to increase the safety of LGBT people,” declared the LGBT magazine QX.

Then all countries must have legislation against hate crimes, prevent hate crimes and hold perpetrators accountable. All EU member states should become safe free zones for LGBT people. No EU country should have ‘LGBTQ-free’ zones”, the LGBTQ Association continues.

“Taking the fight”

Furthermore, they want to “fight discrimination against LGBT people, in the labor market, in healthcare and in society at large” and “facilitate rainbow families and children of LGBT people”.

We will fight against discrimination against LGBT people and for the protection of minorities. We will ensure that hate crime becomes a criminal offense in all EU member states“, they promise.

In addition to the President of Open Moderates, Tobias Björck, Sophia Ahlin, Edvil Alam, Fredrik Saweståhl and Elvira Löwenadler of the LGBTQ Association are running for the European Parliament on behalf of the Moderates.

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