Sweden’s state-owned energy company Vattenfall continues mini-reactor feasibility study

The energy crisis in Europe

Published 14 March 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Ringhals nuclear site
Vattenfall is investigating the possibility of constructing two mini-reactors at the Ringhals nuclear power plant site.

The feasibility study initiated last summer concerning the construction of two new nuclear mini-reactors will now proceed, according to Vattenfall. The idea is that the first reactor will be ready as early as 2030.

We already have a dialog with several potential technology suppliers, says Desirée Comstedt.

It was in June that Vattenfall initiated a feasibility study on the possibility of building two new SMR reactors at the Ringhals nuclear power plant site, referring to the “need to find a way forward to meet the increased demand that exists”.

We are now proceeding with the feasibility study, the electricity company writes in a press release, according to which Vattenfall has now initiated contact with potential suppliers of mini-reactors and that field studies will soon begin at Ringhals.

There are mainly three things that will happen next. We already have a dialog with several potential technology suppliers and will later this year proceed with one or more of them to get concrete proposals for reactors says Desirée Comstedt, Business Development Manager for Nuclear Power at Vattenfall.

We are also starting the work required for an environmental impact assessment, which includes field studies and soil surveys in the area around Ringhals, and we are preparing to invite local consultations after the summer to discuss with interested parties, she continues.

The ambition is to have the first reactor in operation as early as 2030, and the feasibility study is expected to be completed at the turn of the year 2023/2024. The feasibility study is also a central part of the permit application to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and the Land and Environment Court that is required in order to be allowed to build new nuclear power reactors.

Vattenfall is also continuing to invest in the five nuclear power reactors already existing at Ringhals and Forsmark, including looking at opportunities of increasing the power output of these reactors.

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