Sweden’s Greens want to postpone DCA vote: “Ambiguity on Nuclear Weapons”


Published 19 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Amanda Lind finds it unfortunate that there has been no broad public debate about the content of the DCA.

Today, a large majority of the Swedish Parliament is expected to vote in favor of the heavily criticized DCA agreement, which among other things gives the US Army access to Swedish military bases and territory.

However, the Green Party is calling for the vote to be postponed, pointing out that there is still considerable uncertainty about whether US nuclear weapons will be placed on Swedish soil.

– The agreement was signed by the government without a broad public discussion and there are ambiguities, spokeswoman Amanda Lind told national broadcaster SVT.

The Left Party also opposes the agreement and has pointed out that it lacks wording on how to deal with nuclear weapons, so it wants the vote to be postponed for a year – a demand that the MP now supports.

– The crucial issue for us is that nuclear weapons on Swedish soil are not dealt with in this treaty, or with a law or a policy that makes it clear that there should be no nuclear weapons in Sweden, neither in peacetime nor in wartime, Lind continues.

“Sweden is a constitutional state”

The Left Party is also very critical of the fact that the US military should not be subject to Swedish laws, and believes that the DCA is cryptic on this issue as well.

– Sweden is a constitutional state, so American soldiers should also be subject to Swedish law, says Håkan Svenneling, spokesman for foreign policy.

– We now have one rule for American soldiers, one rule for Finnish soldiers and another for all other NATO soldiers, he continues.

The fact that the Left Party and the Greens want to postpone the vote is not enough, however – they need the support of at least 20 more MPs from other parties for the demand to become reality, and it is considered very unlikely that so many MPs would deviate from the party line.

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