Popular criminologist: “Put Koran burners in jail”

Published 29 August 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Leif GW wants to see Salwan Momika and other Koran burners behind bars.

– Freedom of speech was not created so that a few idiots could run around freely and threaten both Sweden’s interests and the lives of individual citizens, says criminologist Leif GW Persson in a TV interview.

He makes it clear in the interview that he does not think that the Iraqi activist Salwan Momika, the Danish Rasmus Paludan or other “crazies” should be allowed to desecrate the Koran in the way they did.

On August 17, the Swedish Security Service announced at a press conference that the terror threat level had been raised to the fourth of five levels. The public was urged to go about their lives as usual.

These are contradictory messages, according to Leif GW Persson, who claims that it is the Koran burners who are “raising the temperature” in Sweden and the rest of the world. In connection with an interview on TV4, he was, in his usual style, uncharitable in his view of the actions of Salwan Momika and Rasmus Paludan.

They are allowed to continue because of some kind of freedom of expression. That’s not why we have freedom of speech, quite the opposite.

Every thinking person, with the obvious exception of our cultural editors, of course, must realize that freedom of speech has not been created so that a few idiots can go free and threaten both Sweden’s interests and the lives of individual citizens.

In connection with the 2022 Koran and Easter riots, Leif G.W. Persson was quick to criticize both the granting of the permit and the inaction and actions of the police leadership. He commented that “…there exists no absolute right to demonstrate”.

“Classified trials”

Regarding the terrorist threat raised by the SÄPO, he says that the situation ranges from “tricky” to “impossible”. Therefore, he is “surprised” when he sees police officers saying that they have “full control” of the situation.

I get worried. This is a situation where it is impossible to have full control. If we had full control, we wouldn’t have to discuss the level of risk.

He is also concerned that what is happening may have consequences other than acts of terrorism, including the likelihood that Sweden will not be admitted to NATO.

We can forget about NATO membership as long as this goes on.

 If I had anything to say about it, both Paludan and this other cuckoo from Iraq would spend their time in jail. It doesn’t even have to end up in the newspapers because these trials are secret.


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