Number of pigs declining in Sweden

Published 17 October 2023
- By Editorial Staff

Since June 2022, the number of pigs in Sweden has decreased by nine percent, according to new statistics from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The number of sheep has also decreased by five percent during the same period.

In June this year, it was estimated that there were a total of 1,266,000 pigs in Sweden, which is a decrease of 127,000 animals from the previous year. This is also the lowest figure since records began with Sweden’s entry into the EU in 1995.

For comparison, the number of pigs has ranged between 1.35 and 1.46 million over the past decade.

Piglets under 20 kilograms have decreased by ten percent, while pigs over 20 kilograms have decreased by around eight percent. The number of sows is estimated to have decreased by 15 percent.

Since last year, the number of cattle has also decreased by about 5,000 animals, while the number of calves has increased by 800.

The number of sheep in the country is the lowest since 2005. Since 2017, the number of sheep has dropped by 123,000. The largest decrease is seen in the number of lambs, which has decreased by ten percent from the previous year.