Mohammed uses ladder to break in – stabs resident with knife

Deteriorating safety

Published 6 September 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Mohammed Amana is welcome back to Sweden in 10 years.

Algerian Mohammed Amana refused to accept that his Swedish girlfriend had left him. Instead, armed with a knife and rocks, he grabbed a ladder, climbed to the balcony of the woman’s apartment – and stabbed her friend.

The violent attack took place on May 25 this year and was caught on video.


The woman, who lives in Nybro Municipality, had separated from 26-year-old Amana and was staying temporarily with a male friend – something the Algerian refused to accept.

So he came to the house several times to “talk” – something the woman was not interested in. After a few attempts, he changed his strategy, armed himself with a kitchen knife and a rock, and got a ladder to break into the house via the balcony.

The woman’s male friend filmed the entire incident and can be seen being stabbed by Amana, who then breaks a window with a rock and enters the apartment.

During the attack, the woman locked herself in the bathroom while the Algerian ex-boyfriend made threats and promised to kill the woman and her boyfriend.

Wallah, I will kill you, I swear on my mother, he swears, among other things.

For this crime, Mohammed Amana was sentenced to two years in prison and deportation – though not permanently – he will be welcome back in 10 years. The charges in the verdict were aggravated trespassing, assault, aggravated unlawful threat and aggravated assault.

It should also be noted that the perpetrator only came to Sweden in 2015 – and that during his relatively short stay he has already been guilty of a long list of crimes. He has previously been convicted of aggravated assault, violence against public officials, aggravated unlawful threats, aggravated theft, vandalism, attempted aggravated assault and drug offenses.

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