ISIS returnees now working with Swedish children and youth

The Islamization of Europe

Published 21 October 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Genre image - fighters from the Islamic State terrorist group.

More than 20 individuals who have returned from the Islamic State are now working with Swedish children and teenagers as childcare workers, youth leaders, teachers, or social workers. Several of them are believed to have killed people on behalf of the terrorist group.

The investigation by the Bonnier newspaper Expressen reveals that out of 83 identified ISIS terrorists, at least 21 are directly working with children and young people, often funded by taxpayers.

– There are always jobs available in preschool, says the widow of a high-ranking ISIS terrorist, who now works as a childcare worker.

The investigation indicates that several of the “returnees” have participated in battles for the Islamic State but have not been convicted for their involvement in ISIS terror and massacres of civilians.

School Minister Lotta Edholm (L) expresses her deep concern, claiming that Swedish society has been “too naive”.

– It is completely unacceptable for people who are ISIS terrorists to work in the Swedish education system, youth centers, and the like. It should not be allowed, she tells the newspaper.

Potential recruitment of youth

It’s worth noting that the Swedish Security Service has repeatedly warned that returning ISIS terrorists could recruit and radicalize children and young people in Sweden. Yet, around 20 of these individuals have been employed by public employers.

– I just want to focus on my life. Things have gone well for me, says a former ISIS terrorist who was employed as a social worker shortly after returning to Sweden.

Terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp calls the revelation “shocking” but points out that due to Sweden’s inadequate legislation, almost none of the ISIS terrorists have been convicted of any crime.

– They are unsuitable for these positions. They should not work in environments with children and young people, where they can continue to influence them, he emphasizes.

Lotta Edholm now wants to see improved background checks on those employed in areas like the education system and argues that it is not a “human right to work with children and teenagers.”

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