Crime remains top issue for Swedish voters

Deteriorating safety

Published 19 September 2023
- By Editorial Staff

Crime remains the most important issue for Swedish voters, according to a new poll. Meanwhile, environment, climate and energy have dropped in priority by almost 10% between March and August this year.

Immigration and integration are tied for second place as the most important societal issues, according to a Dagens Nyheter/Ipsos survey, and have risen steadily from 15 to 20% between March and August.

At the top of the list is crime, which nearly one in four voters consider to be one of the most important social issues in Sweden.

The survey was conducted between August 15 and 27 through interviews with 1,291 eligible voters who were asked, “Which social or political issue is most important to you today?” Respondents were then able to name up to three areas they considered most important.

Health care and education tied for second place, with one in five Swedes believing these issues to be among the most important.

The importance of the environment, climate and energy has declined among voters over the period. In March the priority was on a par with crime, but by August it had fallen from 26% to 17%.