Norway’s ‘Alliance’ surges in Oslo schools – outpaces left-wing parties

Published 9 September 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Hans Lysglimt Johansen leads the Norwegian party The Alliance.

Hans Lysglimt Johansen, the leader of the Norwegian party Alliance – Alternative for Norway, is pleased with the results after this year’s school election. In some schools, the Alliance surpassed both the Centre Party (Sp) and the Socialist Left Party (SV).

In the national school election, the party garnered 1.1% support. In counties like Agder, Akershus, Buskerud, and Oslo, the support during the school elections hovered around 3%, according to TV 2, which also verified The Alliance’s backing in several Oslo schools.

According to the TV channel, the party secured 9.7% of the votes at Akademiet VGS Heltberg Ullevaal and 7.3% at Persbråten.

The Alliance aims to preserve traditional Norwegian values. Johansen believes that part of their success is attributed to TikTok and their song Alliansen, vote for Lysglimt Johansen. He feels there’s a certain tension surrounding his statements, something no one else offers.

“TikTok is an incredibly powerful tool”, he told Norwegian iNews.

Election researchers “raise the alarm”

Election researcher and lecturer in political science at the University of Stavanger, Svein Erik Tuastad, thinks the youth might not know what they’re voting for.

“There’s reason for concern. Do the youth know who they’ve voted for?”, Tuastad inquires.

“It’s simply astonishing. Such voter turnout would propel them straight into parliament. If this were a general election, they’d be nearing the threshold”, he told TV 2.

Facts: The Alliance - Alternative for Norway

Founded in 2017, Alliansen (The Alliance) has become a notable presence in the Norwegian political landscape. Led by Hans Lysglimt Johansen, the party primarily distinguishes itself through its opposition to Norway's membership in the European Economic Area (EEA), asserting that it affects Norwegian sovereignty.

In addition to EEA concerns, Alliansen often advocates for greater national self-determination, expressing skepticism toward certain supranational organizations and emphasizing the preservation of traditional Norwegian values.

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