Norway to boost conscription to 13,500 by 2036

The new cold war

Published 4 April 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Norway plans to increase the number of conscripts to at least 13,500.

The Norwegian government announced on Tuesday its plans to increase the number of conscripts from 9,000 today to 13,500 in 2036, a decision that clearly signals an effort to further militarize the country.

According to defense minister Bjørn Arild Gram, the goal is to “ensure the availability of people with the right skills at the right time”.

– We will need more people with professional military experience in the future, he said.

The gradual increase in the number of conscripts is expected to be achieved through a multi-billion kroner investment in the Norwegian defense facility at Terningmoen, north of Oslo. The exact amount Norway will spend on its military has not been specified, but Norwegian news agency NTB reports that the goal is to reach 13,500 conscripts by 2036.

Denmark also gearing up

The decision comes on the heels of Denmark’s similar initiative to extend conscription to women – something very few countries are willing to do – and increase the length of service from four to 11 months. The Danish government hopes the decision will increase the number of conscripts by 300 to a total of 5,000.

Both Denmark and Norway, along with new NATO member Sweden, are strong supporters of Ukraine in its war against Russian aggression.

During more than two years of war, the Scandinavian countries have spent huge amounts of taxpayers’ money to support the regime in Kiev.

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