Three out of five Finns worry about the economy

Published 26 June 2024
- By Editorial Staff
While financial security is decreasing in Finland, it is increasing slightly in the other Nordic countries.

Financial security in Finland has fallen to its lowest level in years, according to a survey by Danske Bank. At the same time, financial security is increasing in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Danske Bank has been measuring the financial security of the Nordic population since 2018, using a scale of one to ten. In Finland, the index has fallen by 0.1 since last year, while in the other countries it has risen by at least 0.1. Denmark ranks highest in economic confidence with an index of 6.6, followed by Norway with 6.3. Sweden measures 6.1 in economic security, while Finland comes in at 5.9.

According to the survey, 59% of Finns worry about their finances at least once a month. The corresponding figure in Sweden, Norway and Denmark is between 34 and 40 per cent.

When it comes to worrying about long-term debts, however, the Finns are less worried, with 34% saying that they are worried about mortgages, for example. The figure is 31% in Denmark, 39% in Sweden and 43% in Norway.

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