Danish minister of culture: “We need more statues of women”

Published 18 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Den lille havfrue (The little mermaid) can be found on Langelinie in Copenhagen.

According to the Danish Ministry of Culture, only about 10% of the statues in Denmark are of women. A special committee has therefore been set up to develop new statues of women each year.

Out of a total of 321 statues erected in various urban settings around the country, 31 are of women. In Copenhagen, for example, there are a total of 101 statues, of which 26 are dedicated to animals, 70 to men and only five to women.

“In Copenhagen there are more statues of mythical creatures than of women. It’s absolutely crazy. Is this really the reflection in which the next generation will grow up?” writes Jakob Engel-Schmidt, Danish Minister of Culture, in a press release.

To remedy this, a new annual committee has been set up with the aim of creating more female statues. Among other things, the committee will determine which women should be honoured with statues. According to The Independent, 50 million Danish kroner has been allocated so far, but the plan is to set aside a sum each year for the work.

“The committee will map out important women in Danish history who have been overlooked and neglected in the decoration of public places and make concrete proposals on where they can be placed around the country”, the culture minister writes.

The Culture Minister has so far suggested Nielsine Nielsen, Denmark’s first female doctor, confectioner Karen Volf and Bodil Begtrup, the country’s first female ambassador, as possible women to be honoured with statues.