Danish armed forces NATO initiative: Spend half a million Danish crowns on comedy podcast

Published 20 March 2024
- By Editorial Staff
Comedian Christian Fuhlendorff wants to make the Danish Defence Forces more attractive.

As Denmark tries to meet its NATO target of spending 2% of gross domestic product on its military, it is looking beyond conventional defence spending – nearly half a million Danish crowns is being spent on a podcast with comedian Christian Fuhlendorff to attract young Danes to the military.

However, the ‘initiative’ is being criticised by the opposition and has raised questions about whether podcasts are a legitimate part of the country’s defence spending.

According to defence minister Troels Lund Poulsen, the podcast is part of a wider recruitment campaign to attract young people to the armed forces.

– It falls under recruitment, and the costs of recruitment are included in the overall Danish defence economy, the defence minister said in comments to Danish state broadcaster Danmarks Radio.

However, criticism of the government’s decision to include the podcast in the defence budget is clear. Alex Ahrendtsen, defence spokesman for the Danish People’s Party, says that a podcast does not qualify.

– This is cheating on the scale. In my opinion, a podcast cannot be included in the NATO contribution, he said.

“Sounds totally crazy”

Ahrendtsen stresses that defence is about traditional aspects such as soldiers, weapons and investments: We cannot defend ourselves with a podcast”, he explains.

The Danish Democrats also question the decision to include a podcast in the country’s defence budget.

– It sounds totally crazy. It’s fine to make a podcast, but I think it’s strange to include it in NATO, says Lise Bech, the party’s defence spokeswoman.

Despite the criticism, the Danish government defends the decision, saying that recruitment costs are a legitimate part of defence spending.

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