Saturday, June 15, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Polaris of Enlightenment

Actor Barry Duffield speaks out about his vaccine injury

The criticized covid vaccinations

Published 24 May 2023
- By Editorial Staff
Duffield takes intravenous ozone therapy to counteract the damage from Pfizer's vaccine.

Actor, screenwriter and bodybuilder Barry Duffield has given a moving account of how he was seriously injured after taking the second dose of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.

Among other things, he expresses strong regret that he ever trusted the claims of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and other “authorities” that the vaccine was safe and effective, and the message that it was “everyone’s duty” to take the drug “to keep their families and neighbors safe”.

Duffield, who has appeared in productions such as Spartacus and Shortland Street, was very fit in 2020, going to the gym six days a week to get ready for upcoming roles. Physical fitness has always been important for his acting roles, and he was skeptical from the start about New Zealand’s corona restrictions that made these injections mandatory if you wanted to fly abroad.

However, because it was his work and career, he decided to take the injections and after the first injection, nothing happened – he was able to continue training as usual and didn’t notice anything special.

With the second injection, things were different and his life was turned upside down. After less than 24 hours, he could no longer stand normally, his legs began to swell with fluid and his skin began to ‘hang over his socks’.

He further tells us that his skin began to itch, he started to have headaches and palpitations and his left arm started to shake constantly. In addition, he suffered from myocarditis where the walls of the heart chamber thickened and he also became deeply depressed and suffered from mental illness.

All this happened very shortly after Duffield received his second dose of the mRNA drug, even though he had never had any major health problems before.

However, his doctors were reluctant to link his symptoms to the injections, claiming instead that it was a coincidence that he became ill when he took his second injection.

He says that the doctors instead put him through a series of tests and examinations and prescribed various drugs to “cure” him – but some of them only made him feel worse, especially mentally, while his arm continued to shake constantly.

Rejecting pharmaceutical giants’ pills

On one occasion he had a severe anxiety attack after coming out of an MRI scan and was noticed by a nurse who wondered if it was Parkinson’s that was causing his condition. When he explained that all his symptoms had appeared after the second injection, she looked at him and quietly said that she had seen hundreds of people come to the hospital with exactly the same symptoms as Duffield.

In an interview with Free NZ, he says that the higher doses he took of the medication he was prescribed for Parkinson’s, the more different he began to feel, becoming more frustrated, aggressive and depressed than before, even attempting to take his own life – an episode he doesn’t remember today.

Nowadays, he takes neither antidepressants nor medication for his alleged Parkinson’s – instead, he uses kinesiology, ozone therapy and ivermectin to feel better. He says these have helped him far more than the pharmaceutical giants’ drugs.



Today, Duffield is using social media as a tool to reach more people with his testimony of how he was harmed by the vaccine, as well as to raise awareness in order to get politicians and others in power to recognize and take responsibility for all the citizens they have harmed with their directives and policies.

With most of our ‘conspiracy theories’ proven to be facts, our government is still aiding and abetting big pharma, Duffield says.

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